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The Best Docker on Cloud 2022 | Tips & Solutions

Create Docker Cloud with Hostman to automate the deployment of applications in an environment designed to manage containers.

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Docker Container Benefits

Deploy your scalable and Managed Docker Container within 55 seconds on our cloud infrastructure platform. Below is a list of all the amazing features that Docker Containers will offer you.


Containers have better performance as they are hosted in a single docker engine.


Docker on Cloud helps create immediate impact by saving on recoding time, reducing costs, and limiting the risk of operations. Containerization helps scale easily from the pilot stage to large-scale production.


Docker on Cloud helps create immediate impact by saving on recoding time, reducing costs, and limiting the risk of operations. Containerization helps scale easily from the pilot stage to large-scale production.

Supports Wide Range of Operating Systems

It takes less space. They are lightweight and can operate several containers simultaneously. No requirement for OS to boot.

Simple and Predictable Pricing for Docker on Cloud

Monthly Annually - 10%
$4 / mo
1 x 3 GHz  CPU 1 GB  RAM 25 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$5 / mo
1 x 3 GHz  CPU 2 GB  RAM 40 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$6 / mo
2 x 3 GHz  CPU 2 GB  RAM 60 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$8 / mo
2 x 3 GHz  CPU 4 GB  RAM 80 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$17 / mo
4 x 3 GHz  CPU 8 GB  RAM 160 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$37 / mo
8 x 3 GHz  CPU 16 GB  RAM 320 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
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Simplified deployment

Simplified deployment

Spin up your Docker container in 40 sec, without long setups and boring docs to read

Easy scaling

Vertically scale your Docker container resources up or down based on your usage

24x7 support

We take pride in providing a secure and solid platform to customers of our server with 24/7/365 world-class technical support

99.9% uptime SLA

Hostman provides high availability for Docker containers. But If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you for the amount of time that your virtual private server was unavailable


No hidden charges and setup fee for Docker container. Straightforward pricing makes it easy to predict your monthly bill

Global data centers

Build your Docker container and get a reliable connection and flat pricing across 8 data center regions

  • Distributions
  • Apps

Build your Docker container with any of these available distributions

Save time by building on the OS that suits your needs.


Enjoy amazing flexibility of your server

Feel the great power of CPU, RAM, and drives inside every cloud server.

Powerful Xeon® Gold
VMs are based on the latest 2nd Gen Intel® Scalable CPUs with 3.1 GHz frequency and deliver a revolutionary new level of cloud computing.
Blazing SSDs
Cloud Servers have fast-speed solid-state drives with an awesome IOPS rate. Data is stored 3x and always available with no lags.

What customers say about Hostman

"Hostman is helping in deploying my apps in a very easy manner, I have been using it for past 3 months and deploying apps with ease since then, thanks to your team love you!!!"


"THostman - its the best cloud hosting site i swear. It just took me about 30 secs to host my website which takes a pretty decent amount of time in Heroku or Github. Also the UI interface is so cool and easy to use! I just love it."

Arpan Taneja

"The home dashboard is so easy to interact with 😊️👍"

Mahir Juma

High-Performance Edge

The premium network for production, high-performance applications. Experience 30-50% faster response time and more global POPs, backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA.

65+ Tbps throughput
99.9% uptime SLA
45 full-stack edge locations
San Francisco
San Jose
Los Angeles
New York
Sao Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
Hong Kong

Asked Questions

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The price for Docker on Cloud starts from $7.8 per month. You can choose the configuration you need based on your budget and requirements and then scale it as your business grows.
If you are a resident of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), you have certain data protection rights covered by the GDPR. We aim to make every reasonable effort to allow you to correct, amend, delete, or limit the use of your personal data when you get a Docker container. If you wish to be informed about what personal data we hold about you and if you want it to be removed from our systems, please email us at support@hostman.com. Read more about GDPR compliance in our Privacy Policy.