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Managed Databases

Constantly accessible. Always secure. No tedious administration required
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For Today's Technical Team
Launch in a Snap
Launch your managed database with Hostman in a couple of clicks and within minutes. No administrator resources (or special knowledge) required to work with the database
Launch in a Snap
Resource Efficiency
Pay for the resources you truly need and actually use. The plan can be easily scaled as the demand grows
Resource Efficiency
Dive in as Deep as You Want
Utilize not only the control panel but also the Public API, built-in phpMyAdmin, or Adminer. Adjust intricate settings as needed
Dive in as Deep as You Want
Data Secure and Sound
Store sensitive data on a private local network. Hostman takes care of protecting it from external threats
Data Secure and Sound
Hostman Provides the Managed Database
Services You Know


The most popular relational database management system from Oracle. Developed under an open-source model


An object-relational database management system. Supported by most UNIX platforms


A high-performance database that operates on a "key-value model". Often used for caching


A classic database management system oriented towards document storage and supporting JSON queries

Apache Kafka

An open-source messaging system. Known for its high speed and low latency


A system of search and analytics resources for monitoring applications and event logs


A columnar analytical database. Supports queries to a large array of structured data in real-time mode


A messaging system based on the AMQP standard
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Answers to Your Questions

What is a managed database, and why should I consider using one?


Cloud managed database is the ideal solution for storing and managing data. A cloud-based DB helps companies and development teams save time and resources on database administration and maintenance — all of which are taken care of by the Hostman experts.

Can I easily scale my database resources with Hostman's managed databases?


You can easily add as many resources as needed directly in the administration panel: increase or decrease the number of cores, and expand the disk space. This will not only support a growing project with a robust database but also save resources: you'll only pay for what you actually use. To reduce disk space, create a new database for migration

What level of performance can I expect from Hostman's managed database solutions?


Hostman will provide your solution with dedicated resources from high-performance servers. This ensures that your project will have access to the database at maximum speed, without delays due to processing other requests. All the resources you choose within the plan will be exclusively yours!

How does pricing work for Hostman's managed databases, and are there any hidden fees?


Choose a plan in the panel and pay for the resources you consume. The tariff depends solely on the pre-selected option (type and power of the processor, memory capacity). Hostman has no hidden conditions or requirements for a minimum budget or payment term. You can always opt out and migrate to another service if you wish

What level of technical support and assistance does Hostman provide for managed databases?


The Hostman team consists of experienced administrators and developers. You will always receive the support you expect. We are available 24/7 via chat, email, and phone — and we respond within minutes

How does Hostman's managed database service work, and what database systems do you support?


Hostman utilizes cutting-edge high-performance servers and disks to eliminate any risk of data loss. We guarantee 99.99% availability according to the SLA.
Hostman works with all popular DBMSs, and both you and your developers can seamlessly utilize our solutions:

  • MySQL: The most popular relational DBMS from Oracle. Developed under an open-source model.
  • PostgreSQL: An object-relational database management system supported by most UNIX platforms.
  • Redis: A high-performance DBMS that operates on a "key-value" model. Actively used for caching.
  • MongoDB: A classic DBMS oriented towards document storage and supporting JSON queries.
  • Apache Kafka: A message processing system known for its high speed and low latency. Developed under an open-source model.
  • OpenSearch: A system of search and analytics resources for monitoring applications and event logs.
  • ClickHouse: A columnar analytical DBMS that supports queries to a large array of structured data in real-time mode.
  • RabbitMQ: A message broker that implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)

Do you offer automated backup and recovery options for managed databases?


Hostman will take care of automatic backup and restoration of sensitive data — just select this service in the control panel. You can create backups manually or automatically on a schedule

Is there a minimum commitment period or can I use the service on a pay-as-you-go basis?


Use cloud data on a pay-as-you-go model: with no hidden conditions, restrictions, or penalties. With Hostman, it's easy to pay for the resources you need and avoid overpaying

Can I migrate my existing databases to Hostman's managed database service, and what's the process like?


Effortlessly deploy your current database dump in the Hostman cloud using the control panel or API. You can do this yourself or seek support from our specialists — they will assist you free of charge

Are there specific use cases or industries where Hostman's managed databases excel?


Hostman is well-suited for any solutions that require fast and high-performance cloud databases, from financial services and gaming to personal data storage