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Affordable Managed
Database Hosting

Set up a managed cloud database in minutes, with free backups
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Secure Data Encryption
Lock down your data with cutting-edge encryption both in transit and at rest. Our security protocols are constantly updated and patched by industry experts, so you can rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands
Effortless Scaling
Your business is unique, and your database should be too. Choose from numerous environments like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and beyond, all customized for your project’s needs
24/7 Support
With our 24/7 monitoring, we ensure your database is always up, performing optimally, and supported by specialists who are ready whenever you need them
Cost-Effective Management
Say goodbye to budget blowouts. Our managed databases come with transparent, predictable pricing, eliminating the need for costly in-house management. Invest in your growth, not unexpected expenses

Optimized managed database solutions

Secure, scalable, and always online


Streamline app development with our fully managed MySQL environments, designed for optimal performance and scalability


Unlock the power of PostgreSQL. We manage the details: you harness its advanced capabilities for your data-driven solutions


Accelerate with managed Redis. Blazing-fast data handling, zero management overhead — all in your control


Flexible, dynamic MongoDB management lets you focus on innovation while we handle the data agility your app needs


Managed OpenSearch powers your insights. We handle the complexity, you enjoy lightning-fast, scalable search capabilities


Instant analytics with managed ClickHouse. Fast, reliable, and maintenance-free — query at the speed of thought


Effortless data streaming with Kafka. Our management means reliable, scalable, real-time processing for your applications


Seamless messaging with RabbitMQ. Let us manage the queues while you build responsive, interconnected app features

Simple and predictable pricing

Annually - 10%
1 x 3 GHz CPU
1 x 3 GHz
1 GB
20 GB NVMe
20 GB
200 Mbps Bandwidth
200 Mbps
2 x 3 GHz CPU
2 x 3 GHz
2 GB
60 GB NVMe
60 GB
200 Mbps Bandwidth
200 Mbps
2 x 3 GHz CPU
2 x 3 GHz
4 GB
80 GB NVMe
80 GB
200 Mbps Bandwidth
200 Mbps
4 x 3 GHz CPU
4 x 3 GHz
8 GB
160 GB NVMe
160 GB
200 Mbps Bandwidth
200 Mbps
6 x 3 GHz CPU
6 x 3 GHz
16 GB
320 GB NVMe
320 GB
200 Mbps Bandwidth
200 Mbps
8 x 3 GHz CPU
8 x 3 GHz
32 GB
640 GB NVMe
640 GB
200 Mbps Bandwidth
200 Mbps
16 x 3 GHz CPU
16 x 3 GHz
64 GB
1280 GB NVMe
1280 GB
200 Mbps Bandwidth
200 Mbps

Trusted by 500+ companies and developers worldwide

One panel to rule them all

Easily control your database, pricing plan, and additional services
through the intuitive Hostman management console
Easy set up and management
Ready-to-deploy cloud database solutions come pre-configured. Choose your setup, launch your database, and begin managing your data with ease
Saves time and resources
Forget about configuring hardware and software or manual database management—our service has it all covered for you
Deploy databases on an isolated network to maintain private access solely through your own infrastructure

Code locally, launch worldwide

Our servers, certified with ISO/IEC 27001, are located in Tier 3 data
centers across the US, Europe, and Asia
🇺🇸 San Francisco
🇺🇸 Texas
🇺🇸 New York
🇳🇱 Amsterdam
🇳🇬 Lagos
🇩🇪 Frankfurt
🇵🇱 Gdansk
🇦🇪 Dubai
🇸🇬 Singapore
Anup k.
Associate Cloud Engineer
5.0 out of 5

"Hostman Comprehensive Review of Simplicity and Potential"

It been few years that I have been working on Cloud and most of the cloud service...
Mansur H.
Security Researcher
5.0 out of 5

"A perfect fit for everything cloud services!"

Hostman's seemless integration, user-friendly interface and its robust features (backups, etc) makes it much easier...
Adedeji E.
DevOps Engineer
5.0 out of 5

"Superb User Experience"

For me, Hostman is exceptional because of it's flexibility and user-friendliness. The platform's ability to offer dedicated computing resources acr...
Yudhistira H.
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
5.0 out of 5

"Streamlined Cloud Excellence!"

What I like best about Hostman is their exceptional speed of deployment, scalability, and robust security features. Their...
Mohammad Waqas S.
Biotechnologist and programmer
5.0 out of 5

"Seamless and easy to use Hosting Solution for Web Applications"

From the moment I signed up, the process has been seamless and straightforward...
Mohana R.
Senior Software Engineer
5.0 out of 5

"Availing Different DB Engine Services Provided by Hostman is Convenient for my Organization usecases"

Hostman manages the cloud operations...
Faizan A.
5.0 out of 5

"Hostman is a great fit for me"

Hostman is a great fit for me. What do you like best about Hostman? It was very easy to deploy my application and create database, I didn't have
Adam M.
5.0 out of 5

"Perfect website"

This website is extremely user friendly and easy to use. I had no problems so didn't have to contact customer support. Really good website and would recommend to others.
Anup K.
4.0 out of 5

"Simplifying Cloud Deployment with Strengths and Areas for Growth"

What I like best about Hostman is its unwavering commitment to simplicity...
Naila J.
5.0 out of 5

"Streamlined Deployment with Room for Improvement"

Hostman impresses with its user-friendly interface and seamless deployment process, simplifying web application hosting...

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Answers to Your Questions

How can I get started with the DBaaS service?

It's as easy as placing an order in an online store. In the Hostman control panel, you can create a cloud database in just a couple of seconds. Simply select the appropriate DBMS and configuration, place an order, and you're up and running.
You don't need to customize the database environment and keep it up and running. Everything is already in place. Focus on important business tasks, and Hostman experts will take care of the maintenance!

What advantages does your service offer compared to installing and managing databases on my own servers?

Cloud databases are any resources you need for your data at arm's length. Cloud databases allow you to significantly reduce the labor costs of setup, administration, updating — all of this is either automated or our technical experts are ready to take care of it.

Are there any limitations on the number of databases or data volume in your pricing plans?

There is only one thing limiting you - the chosen tariff and the amount of resources that strictly corresponds to it. When you choose a tariff and create DBaaS — you create a cluster, within which you can create as many databases as you want. Each cluster is charged separately, and resources according to the tariff will be distributed among the databases it contains.

How is data security ensured in the DBaaS service?

Cloud databases are well protected from unauthorized access - only authorized users can access the data. User management takes place directly in the state-of-the-art Hostman control panel - no additional web interfaces are required.

We also guarantee 99.9% SLA uptime and place servers exclusively in the most reliable Tier IV data centers that meet all international security standards:

  • ISO: standards for data center design,
  • PCI DSS: payment data processing standards,
  • GDPR: European Union standards for personal data protection.

And you can store confidential data on a private local network and connect additional protection against DDoS attacks and other external threats.

Is data backup supported, and how often is it performed?

You can create database backups directly in the Hostman control panel: manually at any time or enable automatic backups once a day, once a week or once a month.

What scaling options are provided by your DBaaS service?

Unlike traditional databases, DBaaS can be scaled with ease — literally with a few clicks in the control panel. And if you need to reduce resources, contact our support — we'll get you up and running in no time.

Can I easily migrate my existing database to your service?

Request free help from Hostman engineers — create a database and then make a migration request via ticket. We will do everything quickly and in the best way.

How is monitoring and performance tracking of databases handled in DBaaS?

In the Hostman control panel there are several graphs that can be monitored at any time: CPU load, buffer usage, amount of free disk memory and so on.

What tools are provided for managing and administering databases?

You can use any familiar web interfaces for database management: Adminer, phpMyAdmin, etc. But it is most convenient to do it directly in the Hostman control panel.

In the Hostman control panel you can:

  • Monitor load and resource consumption schedules,

  • add users and manage their access rights,

  • customize editing parameters,

  • connect extensions and increase the functionality of the database,

  • create backups, manage IP addresses, change tariffs and so on.

Are there any availability guarantees for databases in your DBaaS service?

Yes, we guarantee a 99.9% SLA level of data availability, which is explicitly stated in the offer. Thanks to Tier IV data centers, state-of-the-art server hardware and reliable Hostman technical support — your data will always be online.

Do you support automatic scaling of resources based on load?

We suggest reserving the required resources as part of the tariff. You can always reserve additional resources if you need to increase performance, and you will always pay only for the used resources. And you can lower the tariff and reduce the number of resources upon request to Hostman support.

What level of support do you offer, and how can assistance be obtained in case of issues?

The Hostman team includes experienced administrators and developers. You will always get the support you expect to receive. We're on call 24/7 via chat, mail and phone — and respond in minutes (or faster).

Do you have questions,
comments, or concerns?

Our professionals are available to assist you at any moment,
whether you need help or are just unsure of where to start
Email us