Hosting platform that deploys and scales your web apps

Hostman lets you launch your apps in just a few clicks using a friendly interface.
The pricing is fair and transparent. Hostman works on top of
AWS and DigitalOcean to provide the best reliability possible.

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What Hostman does:

Connects to your Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket repository and pulls the code
Installs all the dependencies, builds the code and notifies you with Slack or Email
Sets up web-server configuration, installs SSL and connects blazing fast CDN
Scales your services in case of loading grow to provide best stability
Monitors activity on Git repository and updates service when you push the code


We're as stable, secure, and scalable as traditional cloud providers, but
much easier to use. We also offer more for free.

Features hostman Traditional cloud hosting
Usability Easy to use Complicated
Automatic deploy from git Out of the box Complicated
Free SSL Yes Vendor lock
CDN out of the box Free No
Vendor lock No Yes
Framework support 22 frameworks out of the box No
Support 24/7 chat support Okay
Pricing Cost-efficient Expensive

Great cloud hosting for
amazing frameworks

Static sites and
Front-end applications

React, Vue, Angular, Preact, Ember, Svelte

Python applications

Django, Flask, Celery

Ruby applications

Rails, Sidekiq


Express, Hapi, Puppeteer, Next.js






Gin, Beego, pgweb

Docker Containers

Redis, Elasticsearch, MySQL, MongoDB, WordPress, Ghost, Webdis, Metabase, Retool, Fathom Analytics, Mattermost

CDN geography

Private network backbone. 45 full-stack edge locations. 65+ Tbps total throughput.

Based on reliable infrastructure