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Cloud Server Hosting in the way you need it

Rapid Deployment. Multiple solutions. Economy and efficiency at every step
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Monthly Annually - 10%
$4 / mo
1 x 3 GHz  CPU 1 GB  RAM 25 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$5 / mo
1 x 3 GHz  CPU 2 GB  RAM 40 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$6 / mo
2 x 3 GHz  CPU 2 GB  RAM 60 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$8 / mo
2 x 3 GHz  CPU 4 GB  RAM 80 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$17 / mo
4 x 3 GHz  CPU 8 GB  RAM 160 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps
$37 / mo
8 x 3 GHz  CPU 16 GB  RAM 320 GB  NVMe 200 Mbps

Why should you choose Cloud Server Hosting from Hostman?

Cloud server is the easiest

Create a server and deploy the software? It's a matter of a few minutes — and a few clicks. You can run your solution without devops and admins

Savings every hour

Choose the solutions you need at the moment — and pay only for the resources consumed with hourly accuracy.

Under the professional care

Don't worry about uptime — the Hostman experts will take care of it. We guarantee SLA availability up to 99.9!
  • Distributions
  • Apps

Deploy your cloud server
with any of these available distributions

Save time by building on the OS that
suits your needs.


What to add to cloud hosting server

Cloud databases

Fast and always available databases in the cloud. Store important data (even sensitive data will be protected). And make your solutions even faster!


Connect your repository and select a project to deploy — and Hostman will launch it in the cloud in a couple of clicks in the dashboard. All popular frontend and backend frameworks are supported.


Multi-level protection against scanning for vulnerabilities from DDoS and cyberattacks.

Private networks

Connect servers into private networks with high data rates and minimal latency.

Server images

Create free server images for backup or deploy your images in the Hostman cloud.
Answers to Your Questions

What is Cloud Server Hosting, and how does it differ from traditional hosting?


In traditional hosting, you have to keep a real, physical server with you: choose the right one, install it, configure it, keep an eye on its performance. It's not easy — and it's quite expensive.

With cloud server hosting, you get computing power as a service — and Hostman specialists do the rest. As a result, your solution costs less and works more efficiently.

How can I choose the right Cloud Server Hosting plan for my business needs?


Choose a rate based on your needs on your current project. Or book a free consultation with Hostman specialists — we will not only help you choose the right tariff, but also help you migrate your solution to the cloud and deploy it on your new cloud server.

Can I easily scale up or down my resources with your cloud server hosting plans?


Of course it's easy. You can add resources for cloud server hosting right in the convenient control panel, it takes literally a few seconds (capacity will be available immediately). And friendly support staff will help you reduce the rate.

How does your cloud hosting ensure high performance and reliability?


Powerful cloud server hosting is all about us. We know which servers to set up, which operating systems and distributions to offer. And we also know how to keep your solutions running smoothly.

Do you offer backup and disaster recovery options for Cloud Hosting?


To ensure that sensitive data is definitely not compromised, order a backup as a separate service.

What benefits does Cloud Server Hosting offer for businesses?


You or your engineers can flexibly configure solutions on the fly, unlike, for example, renting a physical server, where increasing or decreasing capacity requires ordering and installing the appropriate modules.

Using a cloud server, you can instantly scale its parameters (CPU, memory, disc, channel width) when the load increases or decreases and thus adjust the configuration to the current needs of the project. This is important for businesses that are growing. And for businesses that want to save resources.

Is my data secure on your Cloud Servers, and what security measures do you have in place?


Your cloud server is secure. First of all, it is located in a Tier IV data center. And only you (and your authorized professionals) will have access to cloud resources. In short, your data is under reliable protection. Additionally, Hostman allows you to back up sensitive information and protects you from DDoS attacks.

What kind of support and assistance do you provide for cloud server hosting customers?


Our support is on call 24/7. We respond within mail and chat. Hostman staff will take care of your cloud server hosting needs right away.

What operating systems and applications are supported on your Cloud Servers?


We offer popular solutions for deployment: from Ubuntu to Debian and CentOS. In addition to operating system distributions for cloud hosting, we also offer software that you may need. All of this can be installed from the control panel in a few clicks.