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Cloud App Platform
As a Service

Fast deployment. Easy management. Resources as needed
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Annually - 10%
1 x 3 GHz CPU
1 x 3 GHz
1 GB
25 GB NVMe
25 GB
1 x 3 GHz CPU
1 x 3 GHz
2 GB
40 GB NVMe
40 GB
2 x 3 GHz CPU
2 x 3 GHz
2 GB
60 GB NVMe
60 GB
2 x 3 GHz CPU
2 x 3 GHz
4 GB
80 GB NVMe
80 GB
4 x 3 GHz CPU
4 x 3 GHz
8 GB
160 GB NVMe
160 GB
8 x 3 GHz CPU
8 x 3 GHz
16 GB
320 GB NVMe
320 GB

Everything that development teams need

Fast Project Deployment

Code is delivered from the repository and deployed in a matter of seconds - with just one push

Automatic Code Updates

Update your application code as needed - the service will automatically pull all changes to production

One-tap Rollback to Any Version

Forget about Git commands for rolling back to previous releases. Simply select the desired commit and press a button

A single Cloud App Platform solution for all your needs

Hostman supports all popular development environments and programming languages

Why is it necessary to choose a Hostman

Scalability and Cost Control

Scale your resources as your projects grow - Hostman helps you gain more power while saving costs

Adjacent Services at Your Fingertips

Hostman has everything you need for your infrastructure, including servers, databases, and load balancers - for any type of application

Top-notch Hardware Under the Hood

Modern server processors like Intel Xeon Gold and Platinum, high-frequency Intel i9-12900K, and AMD EPYC 7763. Plus, lightning-fast NVMe disks

One panel to rule them all

Easily control your database, pricing plan, and additional services
through the intuitive Hostman management console
Easy set up and management
Ready-to-deploy cloud database solutions come pre-configured. Choose your setup, launch your database, and begin managing your data with ease
Saves time and resources
Forget about configuring hardware and software or manual database management—our service has it all covered for you
Deploy databases on an isolated network to maintain private access solely through your own infrastructure

What to add to the PaaS solution from Hostman

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Answers to Your Questions

How does PaaS differ from other cloud service models?

With PaaS (Platform as a Service), technical teams receive a ready-to-use cloud platform for developing, testing, and deploying applications. This includes everything from simple cloud-based programs to industrial-grade systems.

What kind of applications are suitable for deployment on a PaaS?

PaaS solutions can accommodate all modern web applications, including websites, marketplaces, bots, and AI solutions.

Can I integrate my existing development tools with your PaaS?

Indeed, with ease, especially if you develop it using one of the modern environments. Hostman's PaaS solution supports all popular programming languages, from JavaScript to PHP. Migrating to PaaS does not require significant resources but brings numerous benefits.

How secure is the infrastructure supporting your PaaS services?

Despite the fact that distributed teams can collaborate on development, deployment, and testing with PaaS, access to code and data is limited to authorized developers designated by you. Platform as a Service is just as secure a solution as cloud databases, ensuring the protection of your applications and data.

Does your PaaS offer scalability options for growing businesses?

With Hostman, you can pay only for the resources you consume, thanks to hourly billing. If you need additional resources, you can easily add computational power directly from the Hostman control panel. This flexibility allows you to scale your resources according to your needs and optimize costs effectively.

How does your App Platform simplify the deployment process?

PaaS enables the release of more flexible products and provides developers with greater freedom. At the same time, it relieves programmers from the burden of managing network and IT infrastructure. By abstracting away the underlying infrastructure complexities, PaaS allows developers to focus on application development and innovation, leading to increased productivity and faster time-to-market for their products.

What programming languages and frameworks are supported on your App Platform?

Hostman supports all modern development languages, including Angular, Vue, and Node.js for frontend development. It also provides support for a wide range of backend languages, from PHP to Scala, allowing developers to work with their preferred programming languages and frameworks. This flexibility enables developers to build applications using the tools they are most comfortable with.

Can I easily customize and configure my app within your platform?

Absolutely! With Hostman's PaaS solutions, you can easily work with your applications—configure, debug, and update them. This is why the PaaS model is so popular among developers—it provides a convenient and efficient way to manage and maintain applications without the need for extensive infrastructure management.

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