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  • Managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB
  • Free domain and SSL out of the box
  • Web interface for database management
  • 25 Gb SSD storage included
$6.5 / mo 1 CPU 1 GB RAM 25 GB Deploy database
$13 / mo 1 CPU 2 GB RAM 50 GB Deploy database
$19.5 / mo 1 CPU 3 GB RAM 60 GB Deploy database
$19.5 / mo 2 CPU 2 GB RAM 60 GB Deploy database
$19.5 / mo 3 CPU 1 GB RAM 60 GB Deploy database
$26 / mo 2 CPU 4 GB RAM 80 GB Deploy database
$52 / mo 4 CPU 8 GB RAM 160 GB Deploy database
$104 / mo 6 CPU 16 GB RAM 320 GB Deploy database


How does Hostman billing work?
All services are billed and prorated by the minute. This means you only pay for what you use: if you create a service and delete it after a day, you only pay for one day.
Is it safe to provide your service with my credit card info?
Yes, we use Stripe for payments. It's very secure and well known. Your payment never touches our servers.
Can I get a refund if I don't like the service?
Yes, you can get a refund at any time for unused time. Just open a chat in the bottom right corner and ask for a refund. We'll take care of it immediately.
Where I can find my invoices?
We email them to you monthly. You can also download them from your billing page.