Version: 5.34.2

Slack alternative

This app packages Mattermost 5.34.2


Mattermost is an open source, on-prem Slack-alternative.

It offers modern communication from behind your firewall, including messaging and file sharing across PCs and phones with archiving and instant search.

All team communication in one place, searchable and accessible anywhere

Please see the features pages of the Mattermost website for images and further description of the functionality listed below:

Sharing Messaging and Files

  • Send messages, comments, files and images across public, private and 1-1 channels
  • Personalize notifications for unreads and mentions by channel and keyword
  • Use #hashtags to tag and find messages, discussions and files
  • Import Slack user accounts and channel archives
  • Search public and private channels for historical messages and comments
  • View recent mentions of your name, username, nickname, and custom search terms

Anywhere Access

  • Use Mattermost from web-enabled PCs and phones
  • Attach sound, video and image files from mobile devices
  • Define team-specific branding and color themes across your devices


Learn More

Follow us on Twitter at @MattermostHQ, or talk to the core team on our daily builds server via this invite link.