SSH access

SSH access is very useful when it comes to application debugging. Hostman provides this via a web console.

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Here you can analyze what's going on, install software, etc.

Temporary state

Please note that you have SSH access to the Docker container. This means that after the next deploy everything you do inside this container will be removed except data in persistent storage. It's very important to keep the Docker container fresh, so we don't keep any other data between two deploys.

You can also allow SSH access to your Docker container from outside using this switch:

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For security reasons password access is prohibitted, so if you want to access your service using SSH, please add an SSH public key as shown below:

adding public key

Key generation

Follow these instructions to create or add SSH keys on Linux, MacOS & Windows. Windows users without OpenSSH can install and use PuTTY instead.

Open a terminal and run the following command:


You will be prompted to save and name the key:

Generating public/private rsa key pair. Enter file in which to save the key (`/Users/USER/.ssh/id_rsa`): 

Next you will be asked to create and confirm a passphrase for the key (highly recommended):

Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
Re-enter the passphrase: 

This will generate two files, by default called id_rsa and Next, add the public key.

Copy and paste the contents of the .pub file, typically, into the SSH key content field on the left.

cat ~/.ssh/