Multiple services on one server

You can host several apps, databases and Docker containers on one server.

How to create multiple services on one server?

  1. Add your first service as described in the Deployment section.

  2. After the deployment is over, one the main page you’ll see the service and the server it is hosted on.

  3. The server will be named automatically, you can change the server name by clicking on it.

  4. To add one more service to the same server press “+”

  5. Choose the service you want to add and follow the instructions described in the Deployment section.

You can also create a new service by pressing the “Create” button. In this case you’ll be asked to choose on what server you want to host your app: on a new one or an existing one.

You’ll have to pay only for the servers you have. So when you have multiple apps on only one server, you’ll pay just for that server. More pricing details here.