Hostman can monitor your application for several reasons:

  1. To keep your application up and running. If your application returns anything other than 200 OK, the Docker container will be reloaded.

  2. If your application isn't working, you want to know about it. We'll notify you if any issues arise.

  3. For zero-downtime deploys. This means that even if your application is built successfully, we will additionally verify that it is working properly before we stop the previous instance.

Select Monitoring from the menu to set up application monitoring.

First you need to create the link we will use to monitor your application. This can be just the URL of your website or service, but there's a better way to use this feature. Create a script that will check everything your application uses, such as the database/queue connection, API access to other services, etc. If something goes wrong, we will notify you via email or your Slack channel.

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We can send you notifications via email or your Slack channel. Use the notification settings below to update your preferences.

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