How it works

When you connect your Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket repository, Hostman does the following:

  1. Sets up a cloud server with Ubuntu 20.04 and all the necessary software, such as a web server, Docker service, and others. It also sets up all security and performance settings following best practices.

  2. Pulls the code from your Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket repository. You can connect your account or use any public repository.

  3. Installs all dependencies using a package manager specific to your programming language, such as yarn for NodeJS and front-end apps or pip for Python applications.

  4. Builds the code and checks whether it was built correctly. It also provides you with a build log, which you can easily check if anything goes wrong during the build process.

  5. Installs a CDN for static files to deliver your website or front-end application to the end user as fast as possible.

  6. Installs an SSL certificate to make sure all the data is reliably protected. Hostman uses an SSL connection between all the services in its architecture.

  7. Launches your website or application using the most stable, fast and scalable server or process manager, such as gunicorn for Python-applications or pm2 for NodeJS.

  8. Monitors your application and relaunches it if it fails.

  9. Scales your application in one click when it needs more power.