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Startups use Hostman because it helps them bring their product to the market faster. It's important to spend your time developing your product and customer base instead of on routine server maintenance. Also, Hostman is great for fast iterations because it automates CI/CD, meaning that your features are delivered much more quickly and easily than with other services.

Hostman offers 24/7 online support and responds in minutes via chat. Startups can't spend days waiting for an answer, and they love how rapidly Hostman responds. Just try it and see for yourself.

Cloud services with automated DevOps are usually expensive or have vague pricing: you never know how much you'll pay each time. Hostman is very clear on pricing, and it's way cheaper than its competitors.

Here's what startups are saying about Hostman:

I highly recommend Hostman if your goal is to avoid the headaches of routine maintenance and to get your startup going as quickly as possible. We moved to them from Heroku and it has saved us a lot of time, compared to using AWS or GCP directly.

If your database increases in size as your business grows, you can easily scale it up with the click of a button. Great hosting for startups where reliability and scaling come before everything else.

If you want to build and test your product quickly, there’s no better provider. I spend only 10 minutes deploying my app on Hostman, instead of several days on AWS. My service is also working much faster now.

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